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Need certain pages left over from LiquidThreads to Flow conversions deleted, they are corrupted
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All the LQT 1 Archive pages left over from when LiquidThreads was converted to Flow long ago are absolutely corrupt and need a mass torching

An example can be seen here:

They are spread out over several talk namespaces and we'd like assistance in deleting all pages that end in "/LQT_Archive_1" since we have the converted versions and the LQT archives are utterly corrupted.

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Upon further review, most of this can be done on our end, but one item does need done on Miraheze's end:

Please dump all the LQT specific tables from the database. They are not used anymore and may cause problems if we need to restore from an XML dump in the future.

Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 22 2020, 08:24
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