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Migration from old hosting
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Hi, is i read in ( Request import )
I would like to import our wiki (, I will send email with the data as is described to do on faq

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i have one question, are sizes okay? can i send some link cause it cant be sent by email :D
those are the files that i'v backuped,

-rw-r--r--  1 root root 5.7M Oct 24 22:12 wiki_backup.sql.gz  # mysqldump size seems ok for me
-rw-r--r--  1 uxes uxes  39M Oct 24 22:14 wiki_dump.xml  # php dumpBackup.php --full > /tmp/dump.xml
-rw-r--r--  1 uxes uxes 1.4G Oct 24 22:31 wiki.tar.xz # archive of whole folder, mostly images, is it okay?

You can send a link if it wont send via email or on here on phabricator.

I wouldn't recommend here on phab as sql dumps will have private data in.

I'v sent it via, beware, its not a spam :D

@Uxes I'm really sorry that this request was missed and not done yet. Could you please resend the email with the SQL? It will be done promptly this time.

I'v sent it just now, its currently hosted on place, where it should not be removed that quickly :|
Thanks four your time.

Those files that i'v send, are just dumped from prod few seconds ago.

Hello, looking at your user rights, it does not appear you are an administrator on that wiki. Can the wiki's administrator confirm this request?

Well, im not administrator because im owner, I will contact someone

Hi, I am Le0 (here nicknamed SpeLe0log), administrator of Mineland Wiki. Uxes is providing technical support to our wiki project.

Thanks for all!

@speLe0log Thank you.

@Uxes I see that you have also sent an XML file. Are all the revisions that you need on the XML file? Since if yes, there will be no need for the SQL to also be imported. And what about wiki.tar.xz?

I did all that was mentioned on wiki about migrating, so wiki.tar.xz is whole structure with images and so, yes i hope so all data are in xml file

@Uxes Okay, in that case I would import the XML and only the images from the tar file then. Does that sound good?

That should be enough, thanks, im gonna test it afterwards (also Le0 gonna test it)

@Reception123 Is it possible to have same url structure like before? I'v had to set it up in confiruration years before

to have this:

instead of this

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that at this time

We should be able to offer a compromise however, you could have redirect to

XML and images have been imported. Please let me know if you would like to also do the redirect.

It seems to be imported well, pages are all, images too,
that redirect would be wellcomed, thanks, please set it up.

Can we setup domain name in this ticket also? I would like it to be listening on

@Uxes Yes, requesting the SSL here is fine. Please read and let me know when you have followed the instructions there.

i would like to use LetsEncrypt, I'v already set up dns record that was directed to old hosting, it will take some time to change


its directing to your domain, so letsencrypt can be generated now from your side

You can now access your wiki at your custom domain.

If you need anything else for your wiki, feel free to open a new task :)