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Block expiry incorrect
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On 22 October 2020, BlackWidowMovie0000Editor was blocked from editing Moviepedia (found at for 17 days( This should have expired on November 8, 2020.

Instead, the block is currently to expire on 28 October 2021 ( That's not right.

What's worse is that the user was unblocked, three times somehow, but still remains blocked. The notice with the latest entry even denotes the unblock:

image.png (94×605 px, 4 KB)

I've been told by Dmehus that this is likely to be a bug in Miraheze extensions and not in MediaWiki itself, and may have been caused by the update to 1.35.

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@Naleksuh i unblocked him 3 times hoping it would possibly fix it but it seemed not to work then i tried blocking again but same issue. thanks for making a ticket i appreciate it.

It seems like he got unblocked for a fourth time, which has now removed the block. This may be resolved as a one-time issue caused by the update, but it may be reopened if others face similar problems.