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Femiwiki Skin
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The Femiwiki Skin is not working properly. Might be a bug, or a glitch in the code.

femiwiki error.png (3×1 px, 326 KB)

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BrandonWM triaged this task as High priority.Nov 12 2020, 20:05
BrandonWM added a project: MediaWiki.
Universal_Omega lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Nov 12 2020, 20:06

I believe we need to change the branch we use in submodules from master to REL1_35, possibly.

I'm wondering if the skin has security issues.

Looks like missing dependencies. I've replicated this issue on a local install, and it seems to be resolvable by installing the yarn package manager and running yarn install --ignore-engine --force in the skin/Femiwiki directory.

Universal_Omega claimed this task.

Appears to be resolved.