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Importing all contents of the Harry Potter WIki
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This is a request to import the entire site of Harry Potter WIki. I am hoping a fork can be set up. This is to get away from the ads, format, and bad admins.

I am requesting all images and histories to be imported.

Also, can the url be given a custom url? like or The current url is Thank you.

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You may add a custom URL using the instructions at . Be aware you will need to acquire the domain yourself, though

@Losira Copying my reply from Meta: Thanks for your reply. In the "Add action" box, you just need to select "Change project tags," typing "MediaWiki," and then select "Move on workboard" and select "Maintenance script run." I have done this for you this time, though, so not a problem. What the system administrators will need is for you to export an XML dump from Fandom. To do this, you need to be a bureaucrat on the wiki, which I assume you are, then go to Special:Statistics, and "request dump." This will generate an XML file for you to upload to the Phabricator ticket. You then need to manually download every image on your wiki, zip them up, and upload the zip file to the Phabricator ticket. Once that's in place, a system administrator will process it for you.

Adding to what @Naleksuh regarding custom domains, that will be a separate ticket to set up, but if you do not want to pay for a domain, many Miraheze wikis use Freenom domains. You can get more details on available country code top-level domains you can register for free (you are technically not the owner or "licensee" of the domain for free Freenom domains, but otherwise it is generally fine) at Otherwise, typical domain prices range from $10 USD per year to $100 USD per year, depending on the extension and registrar you use.

Every image? There are thousands of them, and downloading them 1 by 1 is burdensome.

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Every image? There are thousands of them, and downloading them 1 by 1 is burdensome.

You will have to send us a zip with every image on, yes.

Depending on who hosted the previous wiki, methods to export images vary.

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