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I want to import my fandom wiki to Miraheze wiki

I will send the dump data within few minutes to

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Email received. Will being import shortly

I have a question that all the pages which are importing now are Content pages but why the Content pages count is not increasing, only the All pages section is increasing???

@shaunakchak It takes a while for it to update by itself on Special:Statistics. I've gone ahead and ran a script for you, and now the content pages show up correctly.

I think the importing of the pages suddenly being stopped as it is not increasing after 86,130 pages but it should be more than 110k pages, till now the pages are increasing as an when I refresh it but I don't know why it has been stopped now. Kindly check it

Sorry about that, I've restarted it.

The importing process get stopped again from last few hours. Please check.......

I've checked and it seems to be importing fine.

The import is finished.

The importing wiki haves 93k articles but after importing it the content pages count is 73k only also this Miraheze wiki haves almost 20k articles. Please check this matter may be the Statistics is not updated.