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Wiki-Bot has had a number of timeouts for requests taking over 5000ms to the API. Various others users reporting slowness.

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Reception123 edited projects, added Upstream; removed Site Reliability Engineering.

Wiki-Bot#2998 is not operated or maintained by Miraheze, and as such there is nothing we can do about it unfortunately

@Reception123 The dev is saying that it's Miraheze, not the bot that's the issue.

@BlackWidowMovie0000Editor Who is the dev, and how would it be our fault?

MarkusRost. He's on the support server. I can get the invite if you want.

I literally just went over this. And we're discussing in IRC right now, with the dev even saying it's an issue on Miraheze's end.

Even if this is somehow related to Miraheze, I do not see how we would really fix it. In addition, this is not a service relating to Miraheze what-so-ever, and has no impact on our own services, as such once again, closing this task.