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Implement short wiki descriptions
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Implement a feature onto possible Special:ManageWiki where users can summarise the wiki in say 512 characters or so. This would then be added to Special:WikiDiscover and replace the manually maintained Gazetteer of wikis on meta with the special page. Allowing more prominent positions for wikis to be displayed on every wiki and be a continuously updated source.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 10 2020, 19:38
John created this task.


I would love to replace the Gazetteer of wikis with additional functionality in Special:WikiDiscover. I may have some additional ideas to add, but I'll add them as a separate Phabricator task. @Universal_Omega has already added some of them, mainly in the form of the magic words but some changes to the columns

Universal_Omega moved this task from Backlog to Features on the WikiDiscover board.

I will work on this today. It shouldn't be to difficult to implement.

I will work on this today. It shouldn't be to difficult to implement.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult” is the trap you’ve fallen into. Why are we implementing descriptions to CreateWiki and ManageWiki when they’re not used except in a very specific case in an extension? This is more a WikiDiscover feature that relies on ManageWiki to implement, CreateWiki is irrelevant

I like this idea. I think is a great idea. And i think a field for adding a description in /Special:ManageWiki/core could be a good idea too.
I made a mockup of my idea.

This is now done in extensions, just $wgWikiDiscoverUseDescriptions = true; needs to be set now. Closing as resolved since support has been implemented.