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Categorise Exemptions from Inactivity by reason
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This would replace the "Exempt from Inactivity" checkbox with a drop down to select which category the wikis falls under with inactivity exemption. This could then in the future lead to the possibility for automatically expiring certain types of inactivity requests while leaving others permanently exempt.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 10 2020, 19:40
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@John 👍 to this as well. I had a similar idea whereby the steward would add a reason below or beside the "exempt from inactivity" checkbox, which, in turn, would be fed into WikiDiscover, but the idea to also set a time limit on the inactivity exemption or leave it as indefinite (perhaps the default setting) is also interesting

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Done; deployed; just needs the exempt options config to be configured in LocalSettings.php now.