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Hello. We already have a few mapping extensions such as Extension:Maps and Extension:Kartographer, may I ask if those have your needs?

Hi. Yes, I saw that these extensions are present in the ones that I can activate, in the wiki, but to be able to show the map I need, I specifically require the Multimaps extension, since the URL from which the map comes only works with that extension.

I would like to note that to we can't show google maps as you need an api key and those are not free, and not really worth us buying them but other services are supported by the maps extension, so may I ask which url you need to be supported?

Universal_Omega claimed this task. Can this be supported by free?

I'm not 100% sure. But after doing a quick review of this extension I am going to have to decline it because of the amount of mapping services that this provides, which in-turn would need individual reviews for them all, some of which are questionable therefore decline for security reasons. Apologies for any inconvenience.