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MultimediaViewer not rendering images
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Reception123 claimed this task.

My fault. Didn't set wgMediaViewerEnableByDefault.

Error was not caused by that. Still happening

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Update: The extension seems to work fine on mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) but as of now about one third of the images don't render at all on the desktop computer.

Examples? I've looked and all images load fine for me on different devices, browsers etc.

I have just gone through all of them now and more images seem to be rendering than they did two hours ago, in fact the only ones now that don't render are in the officers gallery, numbers 1, 3 and 12 and that's the same for the three browsers I use. It's almost as if a job is running because this time yesterday most the images didn't work. Maybe by tomorrow the remaining three will work. Everything else is working perfectly.

John claimed this task.

Can't confirm anymore, so I'm closing this as resolved. Likely a remaining caching issue here.