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Help requesting voor solving talk page problem
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Task T6571 ( regarding Christipedia wiki is closed as invalid, because it is not an error but a configuration issue that I can resolve. Universal Omega commented in T6571: "Hello, you must enable the writeapi and the edit rights on Special:ManageWiki/permissions to resolve this." However, the mentioned rights seem to me well configured. Please, would someone take a look and help me?

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@Kees_Langeveld Is this the same problem as T6571? If so, I'd recommend we just reopen the earlier ticket, and request a trace on this error. Thanks.

Can you please try enabling apihighlimits right on that group? Just for debugging. If it doesn't work then remove the right again.

Universal_Omega claimed this task.

No response. if that did not work, then please reopen.

Enabling the right "apihighlimit" does not solve the problem. I have disabled this right again.

Note: all users wit editing rights are members of the user rights group Editor. Enabling and disabling rights are happening to this group. Refer to:

Reopened this task as requested by Universal Omega.

I'll probably end up reporting this issue upstream soon, as I'm not sure why it's not working for you.

Hello, I will report this upstream, but I don't see the mentioned issue in logs, next time this happens, please let me know so I can check logs again for full error message. Thanks!