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New Server Resource Request for Database Backups
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Number of servers requested: 1 (new)
Service: Database Backups (replicas)
Processor: 1
Memory: 2 GB
Disk: 500 GB
Network: IPv4 optional, IPv6 needed

Justification for request: per T6071, I have purchased a single server for database backups, but RamNode's HDDs were not able to cope with the load of three separate clusters being replicated.

Since the backup budget is limited, I propose to degrade the 4GB MKVM dbbackup1 into a 2GB MKVM and purchase another 2GB MKVM to serve as dbbackup2. One of the three database clusters, likely c4, will be moved to the new backup server. This does not change costs: 2x $10/mo servers instead of 1x $20/mo server.

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer: @John/me?

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Endorsement by the DSRE is enough for me.

Valid request with valid rationale, already has spending approval by the requester so from an Infrastructure perspective, this is approved.