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Wikidiscover is listing wikis that are archived, deleted or no longer accesible
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Hi, i noticed that Miraheze Special:Wikidiscover list to Miraheze wikis that no longer exist or no longer accesible.
The link given in these cases is a plain for each of theses cases.
This issue happens with wikis of all types: Activity open or closed, visibility public or private, category, etc.
Another detail is that the wikis are marked as: Deletable: No.
So is a surprise when someone click on the link, and the wiki goes to:

Some screenshots. The wiki that is not accesible is highlighted in blue, the URL at the bottom left corner is the URL of that link.

I think this is a bug or unintended behaviour of Wikidiscover, but if its normal, i would like you to explain why, so i can understand the behavior.

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This does not look like an intended behaviour to me as the API does not include deleted wikis in the result of wdwikislist. Could someone confirm that, please?

R4356th triaged this task as Normal priority.Tue, Feb 9, 17:56