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Messages take a while to be sent to graylog
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For example if there's a spammy message such as this one then it appears that when we fix it, it takes a while before it stops.

Is there a way we can speed up messages being sent/processed without using too much resources (io/cpu)?

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Paladox triaged this task as Normal priority.Tue, Feb 16, 16:55
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the only problem is that this causes things to be out of sync, for example a message could have been sent an hour ago but we would have only just saw it now because of this. This has happened with exceptions when investigating. This impedes investigations.

Do you know what the bottleneck is? Is it MediaWiki -> syslog-ng or syslog-ng -> graylog?

I think it may be syslog-ng -> graylog. Has to be otherwise messages would be lost going from mw -> syslog-ng.

Paladox raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Fri, Feb 19, 23:17
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Think we've resolved this by using pipeline rules to use timestamp in the json and setting the timestamp.