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Delete Batch request
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Hello again, friends.
As you might know, recently I have imported around 700 pages using DataTransfer. I have a lot of files on my wiki (sprites), but some of them are older than others, and some pages would be using these older sprites. The original plan was to create a "neutral" redirect page (e.g. File:000spr.png redirect to File:000spr8.png) to the most recent version of the sprite. Unfortunately for me, it mistakenly created normal pages instead of redirects on the File namespace.
I have requested to move the pages to the File namespace (T6914), but apparently it's not possible, and I was also unable to move them manually.
Now, I adapted the pages to follow another format (without the need of a redirect to the file), so I just want to delete these redirects now.

I also would like to see if it would be possible to use deleteOldRevisions.php or deleteArchivedFiles.php on my wiki (or only the pages in the file, specifically). There is no copyrighted content (the pages are literally just redirects) and I currently have no file that needs to be archived.


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