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Request to change logo of the R2 wiki
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My daugther (9 years old) created a new 3D logo for the R2 wiki. See
Is it possible to replace the current logo? I changed the format to 135x135 pixels.



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Can be done from Special:ManageWiki/settings.

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Hi, you can do this via Special:ManageWiki/settings.

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I probably don't have the rights to do this. Where can I find Special:ManageWiki/settings?

So when I go to these settings I see that one of the parameter is:


But how can I change this? How can I upload a logo to static.

Please, can you give some extra info?

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I already saw this info, but I don't understand how to do the following:

Can I also say that I'm not very happy about the support.
I think changing the logo is not very easy. I even doubt if I have the rights. A few years ago I also tried to change the logo and then it was also not possible. I don't have a save button on the wiki settings page.



Hello, I apologise for any confusion. To upload a file to, you need to go to on your wiki and upload it there, once you follow the upload form, you then go to the File: page where after File: will be the exact name of your file. So for example, is where you would go if your filename was example.png. After your there, there should be a link to "view original file," clicking that should take you to the version of your file, which you should copy that link, and paste it into the field on your wiki in As for correct rights, you will need to make sure you are in one of the usergroups with the managewiki right. This can be verified from Thank you!

Closing again, if you still need help, you may reopen this task again. Thank you!