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Cargo: Error: unclosed string literal.
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In T6985#138392, @Lakelimbo informed us about an exception when visiting

[f6d0183b5631733d162ccac7] /wiki/Especial:CargoTables/Moves   MWException from line 404 of /srv/mediawiki/w/extensions/Cargo/includes/CargoUtils.php: Error: unclosed string literal.

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Southparkfan triaged this task as Normal priority.Fri, Mar 19, 20:34
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Exception is generated at
$string is string(11) "King's_Rock"
King's_Rock is a column in the cargo__Moves table:

stdClass Object
    [Field] => King's_Rock
    [Type] => tinyint(1)
    [Null] => YES
    [Key] => MUL
    [Default] =>
    [Extra] =>
21:46:14 <+SPF|Cloud> renaming the column to Kings_Rock or similar will fix the issue
21:48:18 <+SPF|Cloud> and says that the single quote (should have called them 'quotes' instead of 'apostrophes', I guess) is a valid character in a column name
21:49:18 <+SPF|Cloud> the extension is at fault here ;)

Sounds Upstream.

Agreed. There are multiple issues here:

  • Unclosed literals (with a single quote) are not a problem in column names, the check is too strict here
  • If the bug above won't be fixed, then the extension lacks basic input validation upon creating a table
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@TheNino: Please do not replace/repurpose other's tasks. Thank you!

If no objections, I'll go ahead and report this upstream and close this task, as I don't think there is really much we can do in the matter.

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Closing the task on our side as there's nothing we can do except wait for upstream to fix it.

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Upstream = invalid in the past