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Phantom" notification from a private wiki, TurtleWiki
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Following a request made in Stewards' noticeboard. I receive a "phantom" notification that is impossible for me to read or delete due to the wiki being private and other reasons I cannot know. This is the second time that a similar case happens to me, the first reported several years ago (See T6510#132425 ) and now this. I request that this be corrected because it will be a distraction when participating in my wikis.

@Dmehus can you provide more information on the request that was made on that wiki before you had this problem.


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Hispano76 triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 21 2021, 22:03
Hispano76 created this task.

@Turtle84375 has kindly granted @Hispano76 temporary member privileges until tomorrow, allowing them to clear their Echo notifications on the now private wiki. If possible, this would certainly be the easiest way to handle this rather editing the database table manually. Perhaps that's how we should handle this if other users have similar issues? That is to say, as they report issues and wish to clear their notifications on turtlewikiwiki, to request that Turtle84375 grant them temporary member permissions. Alternatively, see the linked thread if we still want to proactively clear the Echo notifications for all non-steward/sysadmin users that were pinged (which were myself, which I've since cleared, and Southparkfan), which are as follows:

  1. Bonnedav
  2. Anpang
  3. Rob Kam
  4. Stranger195
  6. Lily
  7. Pppery
  8. Thomas.H1
  9. MacFan4000
  10. Ahmsaqib
  11. Joey717
  12. Sabelöga
  13. MrJaroslavik
  14. Sau226
  15. Cy

I've also removed Hispano76 from the above list, since they have temporary member permissions.

The problem seems to have been solved. I am closing for the moment.

The problem seems to have been solved. I am closing for the moment.

@Hispano76 Yeah, @Turtle84375 changed a series of user rights and whitelisted several special pages. Were you able to successfully mark your notification as read?