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[New] Server Resource Request for ats
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Number of servers requested: [Quantity needed]
Service: [Name of service this request is for, e.g. redis/rdb, mail, dns/ns, puppet etc.] test4
Processor: 2
Memory: 2gb
Disk: 30g
Network: both ipv4 and ipv6

Justification for request: We are testing switching to apache traffic server from varnish. This will allow us to drop nginx, varnish and stunnel on the cache proxy if successful.

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer:

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Spoke with @Paladox regarding ATS. Installing and testing ATS on test3 is not ideal, since that server is used for MediaWiki tests. Installing a new server as a testing cache proxy, granted that this cache proxy may not receive the 'allow 80/443 tcp' rules yet due to security reasons (we have agreed on a security review beforehand), has my support.

However, I have a few comments/questions:

  1. 15G is not a lot for a disk-based cache proxy. You may want to up this to 25G (or so).
  2. Is it necessary to switch the hostname prefix from 'cp' to 'ats'? Shouldn't this be cptest1 or cp13?

Approved for cloud4.