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Existing Server Resource Request for bacula2
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Number of servers requested: 0 (upgrade of existing VM)
Service: (Bacula director)
Disk: 1000 GB -> 1350 GB (+$5/mo ex VAT)

Justification for request: at the moment, bacula has about 1.2 TB of static content, but the bacula server only has 980 GB available, with the % reserved blocks even less. bacula2's disk space is not enough to store static backups. By increasing the disk space to 1350 GB, I would like to unbreak backups. Database backups will very likely be removed in the future per T5877#138339, since these backups will be stored on separate VMs (reason: the next plan after 1350 GB is 2650 GB, which is too much for our needs).

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer: @John

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+$5/mo is approved by me, only requires John's approval as the EM of Infrastructure.

Approved, with spending authorisation by @Southparkfan

RamNode is short on capacity, so we can't resize bacula yet. I hope we can resize the server next week.