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It expired at 02:32 UTC

UBN as it makes it very hard to use Phabricator as certain assets are load under this domain and they can’t be loaded when the cert is expired due to hsts.

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I've tried to renew but apparently it doesn't work. I noticed @Paladox also tried to renew 13 days ago but that obviously also seems to not have taken effect as it's expired today. Not sure why this is happening.

13:08:41 <+SPF|Cloud> first, the nginx config points to /etc/ssl/certs/, but we have switched to /etc/ssl/localcerts 
13:09:17 <+SPF|Cloud> second, the certificate is valid for '', but not
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The certificate was renewed but we changed the path where the cert was stored so it was still using the old path. We've fixed it now and works.

Even before the wildcard issue was fixed, from what I could see, it was using a cert that was issued on March 13th