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took down my site?
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took down my site?

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@Pfyh Hello, we have not taken down your site at all. It unfortunately appears that there is an issue on your end and that your custom domain is no longer correctly pointing to us. Could you please check?

@Reception123, Sorry for commenting as if you removed my wiki. I was nervous. Sorry.
But he is pointing to:
My wiki is enabled for:


your domain says it is using and not

We had an outage on and thus anything using it will be down. would have automatically switched to a working cp* if you were using it.

@Pfyh Please make sure that your cname is pointed to (and not cp3!)

for reference:

host has address

Fellas, came back !!!
Thank you very much !!!

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In T7043#139411, @Pfyh wrote:

Fellas, came back !!!
Thank you very much !!!

you used mw-lb? or did you just switch to using cp11 ip?

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