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Hi Miraheze Foundation and the Phabricator Team, Greetings from Nigeria.
I hereby humbly request for the Availability of the Following rights to FAMEPedia users:-
The rights/user groups includes; 1. Reviewers, 2. CheckUser, 3. Oversight, 4. Steward, 5. Interwiki Administrator, 6. Structured Discussions bot and 7. CommentAdmin.
Please this request is to help in the smooth Administration of FAMEPedia Wiki.

I, on behalf of the Founder (Sunil Butolia) awaits your reply and benevolent consideration.
Ugo Chimobi
For, Founder.

Event Timeline

Ugochimobi triaged this task as High priority.Apr 1 2021, 17:37
Ugochimobi created this task.

The name of the wiki is currently 'khatikwiki''
Which will be changed to FAMEPedia ASAP.

RhinosF1 lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.

1, 6 and 7: are available via various extensions.
2, 3 and 4: Won't be made available to those without an NDA and a very significant discussion.

Please @RhinosF1 Help me to understand (NDA and a very significant discussion) please?

and for 1,6 and 7, Extensions like?

You can only get Steward by applying for it across all wikis and the guidelines are at You won't pass the requirements for it.

CheckUser and Oversight require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed due to PII involved. You will also need a large, active community to approve it and they'd be significant discussion as well about rules as it's never actually been given out before locally to non-stewards.

The other rights, please see the documentation of extensions but they should be automatically enabled when the extension is.

Okay, Please what is the Extension and how can i enable it?

Special:ManageWiki/extensions and the Structued discussions one is Structured Discussions. The other two I can't recall but if you don't have any errors about it and don't know where it comes from then you probably don't need it. If you have any specific errors, please let us know.

Okay, I'll keep you posted with my progress.
Thanks Samuel.

Hi @RhinosF1 Please which extension can i use to get the Reviewer usergroup to the wiki?
Or can you please help?