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Hello, it seems that you have not pointed your domain correctly to Miraheze's servers. Please make sure to read and let us know when you have pointed your domain to us.

@[[User:Reception123|Reception123]]: I pointed the domain already to Is it correct?

@[[User:Reception123|Reception123]]: I pointed the domain already to Is it correct?

@Matttest On Phabricator, you don't need to wrap pings in traditional wikitext coding. You can just use @ and their Phabricator username. A drop-down list should be displayed, listing the likely users. Hope that helps.

But, yeah, if you've pointed the domain's CNAME record to now, that should be correct. If using Cloudflare, make sure that that your domain has a grey rather than orange cloud icon.

Edit: Just did an nslookup, and I still don't see any DNS records for your domain link

Remove subscriber added in error from my incorrect ping.

@Reception123: Already pointed the CNAME to Just forget to add to subdomain to my domain (

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