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LinkTitles configuration for simulatorwiki
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Requesting the following configuration changes:

  • $wgLinkTitlesParseOnEdit = false;
  • $wgLinkTitlesSourceNamespaces = [NS_MAIN, 3000];
  • $wgLinkTitlesTargetNamespaces = [NS_MAIN];
  • $wgLinkTitlesSameNamespace = false;
  • $wgLinkTitlesFirstOnly = false; (would be nice if this one could just be added to managewiki)

Event Timeline

Would also like to request the import grant configuration from ahinfoboxeswiki:

$wgGrantPermissions['import']['import'] = true;
$wgGrantPermissions['import']['importupload'] = true;
$wgGrantPermissionGroups['import'] = 'administration';

Additionally, I'd like the right edittemplate added to $wgGrantPermissions['editprotected'], $wgAvailableRights, and $wgRestrictionLevels. Thanks.

$wgLinkTitlesFirstOnly doesn't appear to be changed

When I looked in the documentation for LinkTitles, it said that $wgLinkTitlesFirstOnly defaults to false already.

It looks like the documentation has lied to me... I will create another pull request to define $wgLinkTitlesFirstOnly shortly.