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Mass rollback of pages on loathsomecharacterswiki
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Wiki: loathsomecharacterswiki

Requested by: DeciduousWater534, as the local wiki administrator, and myself

What: Mass rollback of these contributions

Please reference [[phab:T7124|Requested]] in your edit summary when running massrollback.php. Thank you

Event Timeline

Dmehus triaged this task as High priority.Apr 11 2021, 01:22
Dmehus created this task.
Dmehus moved this task from Backlog to Short Term on the MediaWiki (SRE) board.
Dmehus moved this task from Backlog to Maintenance Script Run on the MediaWiki board.
Void closed this task as Invalid.EditedApr 11 2021, 02:18

Handled myself because I'm annoying stubborn.