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Upgrade MediaWiki cluster to Debian Bullseye
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We should to update test3 and mw* to Bullseye / Debian 11 once it is out. Jobrunners will be decommissioned so remain on Buster.

  • test3
  • mwtask1
  • mw8
  • mw9
  • mw10
  • mw11
  • mw12
  • mw13
  • category collation refreshed on test3
  • and all wikis

Event Timeline

RhinosF1 created this task.

I'm removing parent tasks, as I don't think it is reasonable to wait for and test Debian Bullseye in our infrastructure given our current capacity problems.

RhinosF1 raised the priority of this task from Low to Normal.Aug 14 2021, 11:34

Release is now

Test3 is {{done}}

Just needs composer + then sync

MediaWiki team need to find out why php7.4-fpm has a memory leak. With the utter most priority as mw8 and mwtask1 is on debian bullseye.

mw8 also needs to be rebuilt to have no swap.