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Update ScratchBlocks Extension
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The version of the ScratchBlocks extension Miraheze is currently using has not been updated in 5 years and is archived. The code for the new version has been modified a lot and is in a different codebase so it needs a security review. Performance-wise, the new version may be problematic as it loads JS from a website instead of a submodule (the current way) so that may be something Sysadmins want to consider.

The new version, if installed, would be used by scratchfanideaswiki and snapwikiwiki.

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R4356th triaged this task as Normal priority.Sat, Apr 17, 11:59
R4356th created this task.

Note: I considered requesting this earlier but the extension has had no actual code changes since June which makes it outdated and the type of extension I would decline.

Universal_Omega moved this task from Review Needed to Reviewed Accepted on the Extensions board.

Code looks good to me. And it's still maintained enough given it is replacing an archived extension and it is small enough to not require much maintenance.

Whoops meant to do that earlier...

Universal_Omega claimed this task.

Review done, see T7156 for a task to switch to it.