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Add Wikimedia's mirror sites to CSP white list
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As we know, has been blocked in mainland of China by GFW recently. And lots of photos in Miraheze cannot show normally. @Dmehus advised me to upload photos we need from Wikimedia commons to Miraheze commons. But the quantity of work is too large and it would take too much time.

I have thought a way to do instead: use Jquery to replace images' urls (src) to some Wikimedia's mirror sites. The code is in my common.js on NMFWiki - there.

But the only problem is that the mirror site is not in CSP white list. So we still cannot see the images. So I would like to request to add some mirror sites to CSP white list.

The mirror sites's urls can be found at WP:MF from ZhWikipedia. Such as * and *