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Tabber Extension Update/bug
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Firstly: The tabber and tabs extensions are bundled. I suggest they be separated.
Secondly: The tabber extension is listed as being on version 2.4, so it needs updating to the latest version (being 2.4.5)
Thirdly: I think 2.4 might have some bug that makes it so that multi word tab names do not work correctly and neither does adding nbsp to them. When linking to a page using the tab name, it will not select the proper tab if the tab has spaces.

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Blackwolfe triaged this task as Normal priority.Sun, Apr 25, 18:56
Blackwolfe created this task.

@Blackwolfe Hi, sorry for the slightly late response. As regards to the second issue, I will look into the update. Regarding the first one, what's the reason behind this suggestion?

I was more thinking if people want one but not the other? Currently the combo extension links to the tabs page (Yes, I know there is a link to tabber on the tabs page and yes, finding the correct link through special:version works), perhaps it would make it more clear to people what tabber does without the extra step? (out of curiosity, why were they bundled in the first place?)

In the end, it's just a suggestion :)

I don't quite recall why they were grouped, but I do imagine there was some reason behind it. The question is whether it's worth the effort of splitting them up