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Wiki Transfer from Fandom
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I would like to transfer a Fandom wiki to a miraheze wiki. Attached is the .xml file of the dump.

****Link to the homepage of the wiki

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Dmehus triaged this task as Normal priority.Thu, Apr 29, 01:14
Dmehus added projects: MediaWiki (SRE), MediaWiki.

@Technik12321 What is the existing Fandom wiki's subdomain/URL, so we can specify --username-prefix="wikia:subdomain" for attribution purposes? If the wiki has been deleted, please also let us know that as well, so we can specify either a link to its Internet Archive version or Fandom Community Central with --username-prefix="wikia:community", as an example. Thanks

In addition to that, please provide the full revisions dump rather than the current one (though if it's easier for you I could just get it from Fandom directly)

The subdomain for my wiki is "ultimate-obby-20-roblox." Attached is the other file with the full revisions.