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Request to move several articles from one namespace to another namespace using moveBatch.php
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I want to move several articles into a different namespace. From Bestiateca: to Bestiarchivo:

If i move / change the name of that articles with /wiki/Special:ReplaceText.
If i use regex, the regex formula gets written on the text.

Example, i want to move the articles of this category, from " Bestiateca: " namespace to " Bestiarchivo: " namespace:ía:Beano_Mythical_Creature_Generator
So in Special:ReplaceText i use: Bestiateca:([A-Z])\w+[ ][(]Beano Mythical Creature Generator[)] but the regex code gets written on the interwiki links.

I want ro request to move the articles.

I have attached a txt with the list using this pattern:
Old page name including namespace|New page name including namespace