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Re-granting bureaucrats
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The other day I accidentally removed the bureaucrat permission of the wiki I created, so I would like to ask you to re-grant it.

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J-Josyu triaged this task as Normal priority.Mon, May 3, 04:15
J-Josyu created this task.

This is normally requested here and performed by Stewards, but I'll take a look at this now

Dmehus closed this task as Invalid.EditedMon, May 3, 15:42

@J-Josyu Done. Restored bureaucrat rights per this request. Closing as invalid as Phabricator is not normally used for these requests handled by Stewards.

As a recommended best practice, we recommend removing the ability for bureaucrats to remove existing bureaucrats on-wiki. This way, you can't accidentally do this (easily or in one step, anyway), and, secondarily, Stewards can ensure the bureaucrat removal is done in line with your wiki community's locally established removal policies