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RottenLinks should use HttpRequestFactory
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MediaWiki offers the HttpRequestFactory class to make HTTP calls in a standardised manner. The class ensures MediaWiki's internal logging features (e.g. 'http' log channel) and configurations settings (e.g. http_proxy) are used upon executing HTTP calls. Instead, RottenLinks uses the curl_ functions directly.

Example code (untested!):

$request = MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getHttpRequestFactory()->create(
		'method' => 'HEAD', // return headers only
		'timeout' => $config->get( 'RottenLinksCurlTimeout' ),
		'userAgent' => 'RottenLinks, MediaWiki extension (, running on ' . $config->get( 'Server' )

return (int)$request->getStatus();

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Above task was created for this purpose, which was to overhaul how the detection works.