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redirect to non-existing error page when trying to access certain nonciclopedia article
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I'd like to report the following issue I came across on the Nonciclopedia platform:

Basically, whenever I try to access a specific page, in this case the an article called "Orologio", it redirects me to a blank page, although while searching the mentioned article in the bar, it seems to find it.

immagine.png (323×589 px, 11 KB)

In one case it told it me had redirected me, afterwards it didn't anymore:
immagine.png (828×1 px, 116 KB)

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The revision #0 of the page named "Orologio" does not exist.

I remember seeing this before, but I don't recall how it was fixed.

thank you for adding me, lorem. I'll ask Daimona Eaytoy on IRC.

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Fixed by deleting and undeleting the page. Not sure what causes this, but it does at least seem to be a very infrequent issue.