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Dynamic list of wikis by extension usage
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Would be possible to set up a dynamically generated list of wikis by extension usage on WikiDiscover?
The table would list each (public) wiki that have a specific extension/skin installed. Currently it's only possible to query the total number of wikis with X extension enabled.
This could be very useful for statistical and troubleshooting purposes:

  • Statistical: would be possible to see which wikis use the extension/skin in practice. There may be some extensions that are just enabled on a large number of wikis but aren't really used.
  • Troubleshooting: some extensions have poor documentation and/or are not very used. Users could check the list to see the correct usage of the extension or confirm if a behaviour is a bug or not.

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For most users this wouldn't be really necessary as it doesn't necessarily provide useful information about the wiki for WikiDiscover. Also, it has some negative UI impact, and not very easy to implement. Therefore, I am declining it for now at least.