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Need Help Transferring from Fandom to Miraheze! (Again)
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Hello again, my name is HarmonTower805 and I am the admin and owner of the Horrible and Best Music and Songs wikias on Fandom. A few months ago, you guys helped us transfer the Horrible Music wikia to another Miraheze and we greatly appreciate it. However recently we have decided to move the other Fandom wikia (Best Music wikia) to Miraheze, and lucky for us we were able to get a working dump. The problem is that we still aren't able to input a working "Interwiki prefix" so Miraheze wouldn't allow us to upload the dump to the new wikia, is it possible for you guys can help us transfer again? I promise it will be last time I need help with importing/transferring anything!

Fandom Wikia:

New Wikia: