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SSL Certificate for
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Wiki URL:

Your custom domain:

Do you want Let's Encrypt: Yes

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Hello, it seems that you have not pointed your domain correctly to Miraheze's servers. Please make sure to read and let us know when you have pointed your domain to us.

Hello there,

Apologies for the error. I adjusted the nameservers, since this domain will be used primarily for the wiki.

In addition, CNAME is hostname, "www."

Therefore, I am attempting >

Let me know if this works now.

@DrJaySensei Hi, sorry for the delay. Would you like a redirect from to or just the WWW?

Thanks for asking.

Ideally: http: >301> https: (Let's Encrypt, please)

and >301> (If needed: -- resolves ->-

Hope this makes sense. I can continue to answer questions any time. :)

Thank you very much!

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