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Mass delete imported pages with nuke
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I imported some templates and modules from wikipedia while testing the import feature, and I'd like to remove them from my wiki. I've tried using Nuke, but it doesn't seem to be showing imported pages.

But, In T956#16012, @Reception123 wrote:

... Nuke should show imported pages, if not there is another problem, not Nuke itself.

Is this true or not? Multiple people in phabricator have given conflicting information on wether or not nuke can show imported pages, and most of the time admins end up just doing it manually.
Thanks, Levi.

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We can delete pages if you give us a list of them.

Nuke can be a bit weird at times.

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To clarify, Nuke does not show imported pages. This is an upstream bug, but I don't see it being fixed anytime soon, as it is over a decade old at this point.

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@Levi_OP Hi. Would you mind giving us a list of what you need deleted?

Universal_Omega claimed this task.

No response. Please reopen if still needed, and provide us with a list to delete. Thanks!