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[New] Server Request for mw12 and mw13
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Number of servers requested: 2
Service: MediaWiki
Processor: 4vCPU
Memory: 4GB
Disk: 20GB
Network: IPv4+IPv6 (We can try to get this working on IPv6 only, but I'd like to hear from a MediaWiki engineer as to whether or not this is reasonable - see comments on T7637)

Justification for request: See, T7139, in particular my comments there. We cannot wait on this expansion.

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer: Technically myself, but need to discuss this with others as well.

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Regarding IPv4 addresses, we will either need to repurpose the IPv4 addresses from jobrunner* (which would leave jobchron1 and task1 with no IPv4 address), or we need to purchase an additional two IPv4 addresses for these servers.