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Add long running script detection to mwscript
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While some scripts finish in ms, others can take upwards of days. For ones expected to be 'long running', we should log start & end.

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RhinosF1 triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 11 2021, 08:06
RhinosF1 moved this task from Backlog to Short Term on the MediaWiki (SRE) board.

Why not just a --long argument? It would be simpler and more reliable for the script I think, then automatic detection, or a list of certain scripts to do it for. Unless there's other ways I thought that'd be better.

Either a list or argument is what I intend to do

I haven't added --long yet because it's not really simple because the code is kinda hacky.

I've added a flag for importDump/all/extension/skin via though.

We should probably consider moving it to argparse as it's kind of a nightmare