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Is there anyway to change the background color of a namespace set to Flow?
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I set a custom namespace on my wiki to Structured Discussions/Flow. Since the default background color on my wiki is dark, which made many of the Flow design elements hard to see or read, I tried targeting those elements in CSS to change their colors. This caused side effects for other wiki elements and did not work for all Flow elements. I then decided it would be better to just change the default background color for that namespace.

I used CSS to try to change the background color, but it did not work. I then changed the targed namespace as a test, and the color for that namespace changed. So I am assuming the issue is that StructuredDiscussions pages cannot have their background color changed in the normal way.

Is there any way around this?

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Can you provide:

  1. a link to your wiki you are trying to change it with and,
  2. the exact CSS you have tried or a link to your CSS page on-wiki?
NOTE: this is somewhat out of scope for Phabricator, it may be best to ask this on the community noticeboard over at Miraheze Meta, but until we learn if this is a bug with StructuredDiscussions or MediaWiki core, or just the CSS you use, I am leaving this open. However, it can be closed if it can easily be resolved with CSS, and then brought up to the community for assistance in that area.

The code is:

.ns-talk #content {

background-color: #e6ffb4 !important;


It currently works, since I have it targeting the article talk namespace. However, when I try to target the custom namespace set to Flow, it doesn't work.

I found an acceptable remedy through targeting the page body element. Still keeping this open incase it's a bug and not a feature of the extension, but you can close it if you want.

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