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Deploy mwdeploy tool to production
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  • Stop puppet on mw* (that includes task)
  • Depool mw11
  • stop jobrunner on mw11
  • delete /srv/mediawiki/w & /srv/mediawiki/config on mw11
  • merge puppet patches for cleaning everything up & setting staging on mw11
  • run puppet on mw* (mw* should be fairly no-op except 11 which will setup staging)
  • deploy-mediawiki --world --gitinfo --config --l10n --servers=skip (fully sync mw11, ensure it is up)
  • deploy-mediawiki --world --gitinfo --config --l10n --servers=all (hopefully it will pass)
  • repool mw11

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RhinosF1 triaged this task as Low priority.Sat, Sep 4, 17:59
RhinosF1 created this task.

Thanks to @Void for the SRE steps!

Initial sync is happening

It took 38 minutes with --ignore-time but immediate run after took 98 seconds. Have sent a pr with 1 bug fix & 1 logging change.

I can review how to speed up later