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Readd Facebook to CSP
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Hello Miraheze!

I posted this on the related task here, but I assumed it wasn't seen because it is closed. However, to recap, I would like to request adding Facebook back to the CSP. My use-case here is that I use Facebook's iFrame Page Plugin to show the newsfeed of the mobile game my wiki is about. They only have Facebook, no Twitter or anything, so I can only use Facebook as a newsfeed, and since I do not use Facebook outside of it, it makes it much easier for me to update my own wiki where there is an update in the game. However, if the security concern is too great, then I can reference it externally instead of on my wiki, it is just a lot less convenient for me.

Still, I implore you to reconsider, as there are other plugins on there that I can see other wikis using, such as certain embedded posts/comments, like buttons, a button to join the wiki's group (if they have a Facebook group), and like me, using the Page Plugin as a newsfeed.

Thank you very much in advance!