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Consider slow/progressive implementation of CreateWiki AI
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There's a few things that in my opinion will have to be done before we could even implement the AI at a > 0.95 approval score level. IMO what needs to be done is:

  • Create a (private) blacklist that will cause the AI not to automatically approve any wikis that include certain words in their description. This is because a description could be very well articulated but be on a subject that isn't allowed by our policies or that is simply controversial and it would be best handled by a human wiki creator.
  • Integrate the reason drop-down system and not take into account requests that are declined for duplicate or because database exists. Otherwise a perfect request will be 'bad' in the eyes of the AI even though it was only declined because a duplicate existed.

After these two things are done (and perhaps others if anyone has other ideas) I think we should be ready to take it to a further level by allowing requests that get a score higher than 0.95 to be created by the AI. This can be adjusted over time but should probably remain at 0.95 for a while.

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@Universal_Omega Is this something you would be able to work on?

@Universal_Omega Is this something you would be able to work on?


Unfortunately I'm unable to work on this at the moment. If it remains unclaimed, I'll try to get to it eventually.