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Hello, I made a skin for my wiki and I would like to use it on here. Skin's source is on here in Github. You just need to change the folder's name to Flatbox after uploading to the site folder.

If you guys don't want to get it from GitHub, here is the skin uploaded and zipped:

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Please note that we don't install anything on just individual wikis. The skin will need a security review, but if it is to wiki specific it'll likely be declined. I will do the review shortly.

Approved. Unrelated, but I also did a few minor PRs to the repo to bump dependencies, etc...

It will be installed within the next couple days.

thank you very much! I know its not the place but I must ask:

I recently wanted custom domain to my domain, it is done; but sadly its only connecting via, not with . I created a form for it a while ago but it is still not fullfilled. Is there anything I can do to fix it? or is it miraheze based problem?

As far as I can see, it's not pointed properly at us. We're getting a lot of alerts about those domains.

hmm I see, I added only the namespaces. I'll play with settings again, thanks for the response.

I'm sorry but I think I need some sorts of help. I was using namespaces, and www. prefix does not work with it. I tried to use CNAME and A Record, I couldn't even connect to the domain. I'm out of ideas right now. Do you guys can help me? I searched in the google but all they say was set the A record to the hosting ip address, while using namespaces disables "Record" table altogether. Are you guys sure domain was set correctly on your side?