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Polls formatting of the number 1/11 (0.909)
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On wiki:
The poll
is embed on the main page:
The poll renders ok, but the embed version is acting weird. The percentage goes above 8000 and the graphic goes out of the screen in result of that.
The extension is PollNY:
It seems somewhat specific (but not unique) to the formatting of the number 1/11 (0.909)

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Bukkit triaged this task as Normal priority.Tue, Oct 5, 20:28

Edit. Someone voted on the poll.
This morning the total was 11 votes.
Now there are twelve votes.
I submit an image as an evidence of the aspect with 11 votes.

r.png (432×661 px, 76 KB)

Someone voted on the poll. 3/13 is 0,2307692308
PollNY is failing to render 0,2307692308 and instead is displaying 2307692308%.
That makes the graphic go out of the screen.

IMG_20211010_083313_334.png (94×496 px, 7 KB)

I was unable to find exact cause for this issue. I recommend reporting this upstream, on Wikimedia Phabricator.

Universal_Omega added a project: Upstream.

Per above, an upstream task will need to be created, which I might do myself, later. But I can't find what would be causing this.