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Changes how the protection levels and user-rights work
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This would be a task that reminding you of the task T7346, at the moment that I did think that my wiki needs to have more protection options. But now, I think of another prototype for the extendedprotection. In the future, my wiki would also be writing about the makers of "Zodiac Classroom" and I did thinking about this: How about, rename the protection level from extendedprotection into quality only??

And also... based on T7368#146901, I would like to rename other user-right, then re-arrange them as the same as that task to make managing things look more efficient and simple.

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PiscesKazeMGR renamed this task from Changes the protection levels work to Changes how the protection levels and user-rights work.Fri, Oct 8, 16:29

@PiscesKazeMGR Hi, I'm a bit confused by your request. What protection level exactly do you need right now?

Change editextendedconfirmedprotected to editqualityarticles and make quality permission could edit these kind of pages.

Then change the orders of the protection levels to these (based on T7368#146901): all => logged-in only => autoconfirmed => quality => page author => sysop => bureaucrat