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Sub-Domain Renaming
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The wiki site we manage has been transferred from Lanva(Brxōdƣez, lanva?!) to SCJ(Society of ConLangers in Japan), and we are changing and refurbishing the name, permissions, articles and other settings as we have expanded the scope from a single language to all artificial languages.
Hence, we would like to ask you to change the subdomain.

Wiki-Site Nameびゅフィキュキュドゥア゛Migdal ConLang Wiki
Domain (as URL)https://byxyccudua.miraheze.org
OrganisationBrxōdƣez, lanva?!SCJ
Authority (of the Org.)Brxōdƣez, iмфorмƣas?!CL-KIITA
Head-ManagerMe(Halka Sato a.k.a. Haruka W.)Me(Haruka W.)

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High and Unbreak Now! are reserved for issues that affect Miraheze globally. Since this is a database name change, I will recategorize this as Normal.